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Technology and R&D

Located immediately East of Cambridge and north of London, East Cambridgeshire is in the mix of talent and resources - the place to be.

Technology companies are driven by the need to open new markets, attract new talent and develop new products. If you are in pursuit of one of the few places in the world where this ‘Holy Grail’ can be found, then your search is over.

The high-technology business environment in the region is conducive to the growth of both home-grown and international businesses like ALS Food & Pharmaceutical (part of ALS Global, operating in 55 countries) on Cambridgeshire Business Park and First Light Lamps Ltd on Lancaster Way Business Park.

World leading research

East Cambridgeshire offers:

  • Access to a market which encompasses the UK and Continental Europe
  • One of the fastest growing regions in the UK
  • An exceptional skills base – home to a high concentration of talent
  • A community committed to innovation
  • R&D, comprising world-class players
  • World-leading university research, both academic and in collaboration with industry
  • A networked economy with crosspollination of ideas and specialised services

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