The region

Overview: Business booms in Cambridgeshire

Flourishing economy

The East Cambridgeshire region is home to an increasing and diverse number of businesses.

East Cambridgeshire

These organisations are relocating from both the surrounding area and further away, including international investors. All are recognising the advantage of our lower cost base and rapidly increasing workforce.

Our pro-business administration is also highly focussed upon increasing the regions strong business reputation whilst making it a great place to live.

Regional Growth

Location, infrastructure and resources are key factors for businesses looking to set up, re- locate or expand their businesses.

East Cambridgeshire's progressive vision for the region’s growth and supporting infrastructure are embedded in established and approved regional plans.

The area is supported by over 4000 businesses across a broad cross section of industries ranging from agriculture, technology, distribution and manufacturing.

In the top five areas of UK economic growth

With a population of around 85,000 the local economy has had significant growth over the last decade with the majority of this supported by development into new infrastructure and housing. In addition to the historic city of Ely, the towns of Soham and Littleport are rapidly developing. East Cambridgeshire has a wealth of local skills located within one of the fastest growing and dynamic UK regions.

The area’s strategic location and great quality of life proves to be a strong draw ensuring an ever increasing pool of high quality talent.

This significant inward relocation of families and skills has also ensured that new companies relocating to the area are never short of top quality people and services.  

With its superb rail and road networks the local population also ‘migrates’ daily into close cities such as Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich and London whilst maintaining an excellent lifestyle in an area marked by its outstanding natural beauty and close facilities.

Growth is set to further increase by more than 30% over the next two decades and local authorities advanced plans continue to support attracting investments in the wide economy. 

As such, the area is within the top five districts nationally and reflects its attractiveness to new and existing businesses wishing to locate or expand.

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