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Free Wi-Fi FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What data will you collect from me?

The only data we collect is the name/MAC address of the device that connects; date and time of connections and the access point that connected to; total traffic volumes.  We don’t know who the device belongs to nor any of the sites that you connect to.

What will this data be used for?

Solely for the analysis of the system and monitoring.  We are interested in the number of connections, volumes of traffic and where it is used

What speeds are people likely to experience when using this free wi-fi?

Individual connections are limited to 2Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload

Speed will always be dependent on a number of factors, like proximity to the access point and the number of other users using the service, but we have designed the network to deliver the right performance for the number and range of users and devices we expect to see. 

Is there a download limit?

There is no limit on the amount of traffic, just the speed.  However, we reserve the right to block individuals if they are seen to be using the system for commercial purposes or for long periods

How secure is Ely and Soham Free Wifi?

The connections from your device to the access points are encrypted and the traffic is individually separated.  The network itself is protected and secured (similar to your home internet connection) behind a firewall.  Individual users are restricted from access each other or seeing who else is connected.

Tips for how to stay safe on public networks:

always use “https” sites, if you’re passing any user credentials or private information.

upgrade to the latest version of the operating software (OS) relevant to  your computer, laptop or device.

always make sure your firewall, virus guard and browser are all up to date.

Do wireless local area networks (WLANs) present a threat to health?

No.  This has been proven in a number of scientific studies over the years.  It is true that a few individuals can be very sensitive to radio waves, but these devices are very low power (compared to mobile phone operators) and are no more powerful than you home wifi systems.


Will the Ely or Soham Free WiFi work indoors?

No.  The system has been designed for outdoor use only.





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