Terms and privacy

What it Covers

This policy covers the treatment of personally identifiable information that Enterprise East Cambridgeshire collects when you are visiting the Enterprise East Cambridgeshire and associated websites.

Information Collection and Use

You can use the website and most of the services provided through the site without telling us who you are or providing any personally identifiable information. The site will use cookies in some cases to improve the quality of your visit.

It is only when you complete a form that requires personal information, or email Enterprise East Cambridgeshire, that you can be identified. In these cases your personal information will be used to fulfil your request for services or information, as input for improving the website or to notify you about changes to the site (where you have requested this).

Your personal information may also be shared with other local authorities, the police and partner agencies in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our Responsibilities

When receiving personal information from you Enterprise East Cambs will:

  • comply with the Data Protection Act when handling personal data;
  • protect data and information in its custody from accidental or deliberate loss or disclosure;
  • balance personal rights and the need to provide effective and efficient services;
  • follow emerging Freedom of Information guidelines and legislation;
  • meet the common law duty of confidentiality when dealing with citizens and customers, and only disclose information in ways which are fair and understood;
  • ensure that elected members and the staff of Enterprise East Cambs understand their responsibilities when handling personal information, through training, and by promoting best practice;
  • ensure that its citizens and customers understand their rights in terms of access to their personal information.