Fri 16 Apr 2021

Impersonations of Local Authority Officers

Warning! People claiming to be Environmental Health Officers

Impersonations of Local Authority Officers

We would like to make industry partners aware of further reports of individuals impersonating local authority officers. Food businesses have been contacted by those impersonating officers and told that as a result of issues at their premises they will soon be visiting to carry out an inspection.

It is believed that, like similar reports of this nature last year, these impersonations are pranks and appear to be isolated incidents.

The issues have been raised with the relevant authorities. However, we encourage all industry partners to remain vigilant and to liaise with your local authority if you are unsure of the credibility of any local authority officer. Any food business operator should be registered with the Council and registration literature or previous inspection paperwork should contain contact details to verify the inspector’s credentials. If the inspector has an identification badge, information is usually contained on the back regarding verification of credentials.

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