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Fri 06 Jul 2018

Work Experience - Get Involved

Web page designed and built, copy written, photographs taken and edited, graphics produced and video created all by our Work Experience student Sid from Ely College. We are so proud!

What is work experience?

Work experience is an experience that a student gets when spending time with a business and seeing how the business runs and getting an overall view on what a working environment is like. There are two main types of finding a placement for your work experience.

One of the options (which is most commonly used) is that the school gives you a variety of options and you have to pick three options. With each option you choose, you have to write a short paragraph on why you want to get this placement and why you would suit it more than others.

The second option is that you fill in a self-placement form, in this instance you would have to go ask a business if you can do your work experience with them. If allowed you will have to tell your school that you have found your own placement and fill in a different form. In the past if people find their own placement its cause it’s not on the schools list of options. Or they do their work experience with family members but you will need permission from your school if you want to do that.

Work experience normally lasts 1-2 weeks however if you want to do more work experience you can do it in the holidays with other businesses, but you will need to make sure that you’ve got permission from the school; your parents and the business itself.

What are the benefits of Work experience?

There are many benefits by doing work experience, such as: Young people are more likely to be successful at a job selection process if they have done work experience when at secondary school. Students who haven’t done work experience at all are more likely to be unsuccessful at a job selection process as that’s one of the main things an employer looks for in someone.

Also if you haven’t got a clue what job you want to have as an adult then work experience is a great way to sample your options. As well as that work experience gives you a real sense of what being in a working environment is like. You will get the opportunity to ask employers questions on how to learn new skills therefore you will be able to improve new skills which is important for when getting a job these skills can include: communication and teamwork.

Overall if you do work experience as a student then it will look great on your CV especially if part of your work experience involves voluntary work.                                                                 

How to get the placement that suits you?

Linking back to the start, when you want to get a self-placement for work experience  the best way to get round  to doing it is by making a list of possible places where you want to do it. However if you’re not really sure on where you want to go, think of some skills that you are good at and what your interests are then decide from there on. Once you’ve got an idea or a couple of ideas on where you want to do your work experience you should try making contact with the employer to see if you are allowed. If you are, you need to let your school know and then fill in a different form with your carers which is given to you by the school.

Overall work experience is a great way to see how a working environment works, what skills you need which will help you become successful when you apply for your actual job. It’s also a great thing to put down on your CV, because when you apply for a job you will look better then someone from the employer’s point of view if you have done work experience and another candidate hasn’t.


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