Wed 06 Sep 2017

Enterprise East Cambridgeshire meeting with Osaka Prefectural Assembly

Enterprise East Cambridgeshire was delighted to be involved in a meeting of members of the Osaka Prefectural Assembly earlier this week (headed by Toshitaka Yoshida) along with James Palmer, Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and Tracey Harding, Tourism and Town Centres Manager at ECDC.

Osaka is bidding to become the host for the 2025 world expo with a decision to be made in November 2018. On the back of the significant investment from Osaka based Dojima in the new sake brewery in Fordham, East Cambridgeshire, we were able to present a vey positive case study of Japanese investment in the UK and how we could work more closely together in the future. An incredible few years ahead for Japan with the hosting of the Rugby World Cup in 2019 followed by the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Best of luck for the treble!

Article by Darren Hill Business Development Manager and Director of East Cambridgeshire Business Centres Ltd August 2017.

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