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Thu 01 Nov 2018

Ellgia - Innovative Waste Processing in East Cambridgeshire

innovative ideas and methods for waste management

Members from East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) were recently invited to visit an award-winning recycling company based in Lancaster Business Park.

The visit is a part of a wider effort to meet with and understand the needs of businesses from across the district.

Ellgia, who recently won a national award for Independent Operator of the Year at the MRW National Recycling Awards, pride themselves on using the latest technology to design bespoke waste solutions in Cambridgeshire.

Councillors and officers of ECDC were given a guided tour around the facilities where they gained an understanding of the business and an insight into recycling.

Ellgia presented their innovative ideas and methods for waste management to councillors, including how they fulfil their zero waste to landfill commitment. They not only offer recycling options for cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and rigid plastic, but also converts left over general waste into a material to fuel power stations and food waste into biogas. Creating renewable energy in this manner has saved thousands of tonnes of waste going to landfill.

Councillor Steve Cheetham, service delivery champion for economic development at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “Councillors thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to Ellgia. It was a fantastic opportunity to see what the company does and how it works to reduce landfill.

“Ellgia is another example of a business that has decided to grow within the area, with two of their depots based right here in East Cambridgeshire and local offices close by.”.

Joe Hemsley-Rudd, Sales and Marketing Director said “It is great to have interest from East Cambridgeshire District Council. There is a really strong message that needs to be told with regards to waste management.

“Waste Management is now becoming a science as we are no longer just a recycling business, but a manufacturing business”.

Ellgia very much have community at the heart of their business and a strong awareness of their corporate responsibilities. They are very active supporting many local charities and causes in the areas in which they operate - giving back to the community in which they serve. Ellgia are also keen to support other local businesses, sourcing everything as locally as possible, including the buffet kindly provided to visitors which comprised of produce from local independent suppliers across Ely. Ellgia are also at the forefront of supporting initiatives that drive the local economy and business growth, sponsoring events such as the forthcoming "East Cambs Business Boost" event in November for the benefit of SMEs across the region.

For more information visit the Ellgia website at:

Watch a video of the visit below:


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