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Wed 14 Mar 2018

Apprenticeships Work Event

An event aimed at employers to celebrate National Apprenticeships Week 2018

What do you do when you’re asked if you are planning an event to coincide with National Apprenticeships Week which is a mere six weeks away?  We love a good challenge, and so when we were approached by MP Lucy Frazer with the above enquiry we said yes straight away.  

Apprenticeships really do work

This message was brought home to attendees of the Apprenticeships Work event aimed at employers in the East Cambs region.  Over lunchtime on Friday March 9th around 60 businesses gathered at The Maltings in Ely to hear from a diverse range of speakers and learn how their business could benefit from employing an apprentice. 

Pictured left to right is Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, James Palmer; Maria Morgan from Platinum Properties; Marie Lee from Cambridge Commodities; Caroline Bosworth from Corkers Crisps; Pat Carrington of Cambridgeshire County Council & Peterborough City Council and City College Peterborough.  Pat introduced her colleague (not pictured) Tanya Meadows, of the Greater Cambridgeshire & Greater Peterborough Provider Network and City College Peterborough.  If you’d like to see the slides from all the presentations on the day, visit the Downloads section of our website here. 

James Palmer

Mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, James Palmer, said: “I am a strong believer that apprenticeships are an excellent route into employment. Apprenticeships feature heavily in our plans for the combined authority. This includes creating 600 jobs within the health and social care sector and a commitment of more than £690,000 over the next two years to support small business financially to take on apprentices. I am proud to be involved in the event which will bring businesses together in my home district to shine a light on the importance of investing in our young people and the backing available to make that a reality.”

Platinum Properties

Speakers at the event represented a good cross section of business sizes. Maria Morgan, Managing Director of Platinum Properties said “At Platinum Properties we believe in the constant development of the company, our services and our people”  

“Our team is comprised of highly experienced well-regarded industry professionals, some whom started their careers as apprentices themselves.

“We look forward to giving others a greater understanding of the positive impact that apprenticeships have on businesses and how the next generation of professionals can make a positive impact.”

Corkers Crisps

All the speakers were passionate about apprenticeships.  Head of People, Projects and Engagement at Corkers Crisps, Caroline Bosworth, said: “In 2017 we surpassed the milestone of employing over 100 people. This was achieved within seven years of forming the business which we are hugely proud of.

“What has become clear to us, is the importance of having apprentices as part of our company. This has been hugely rewarding and we cannot wait to show other like-minded businesses why they should consider this route to recruitment.”

Cambridge Commodities

Marie Lee, HR Manager at Cambridge Commodities, said: “At Cambridge Commodities we are very supportive of apprenticeships and how they can positively impact our business. Over the past five years, we’ve taken on over 15 successful apprentices, many of whom have gone on to occupy full-time positions within the company.  Our main drive at Cambridge Commodities is to upskill and develop our teams to foster personal and business growth, and it is a pleasure to support Enterprise East Cambridgeshire’s employer event to celebrate just how much apprentices can strengthen businesses.”


Our very own Lis Every of East Cambridgeshire District Council was the glue holding the whole day together as MC.  We were also very grateful to our two table facilitators, Marc Rothera from Anglia Ruskin University and Mark Longman from Ixion Holdings.  Also at the event were apprentices keen to share their experiences with employers, demonstrating what an asset an apprentice can be to an organisation.  We were lucky enough to meet Kirsty from Shearline Engineering, Alycia from Platinum Properties, Joe from PEM, and Daniel & Shelby from Metalcraft.  They were a credit to their employers and we felt so lucky they had joined us for the day.

Instant Impact

We have already seen positive outcomes from the Apprenticeships Work event with employers on the day committing to two additional apprentices.  The success of the event demonstrates that East Cambridgeshire District Council is leading the way with the apprenticeships agenda with the support and enthusiasm of the local business community.




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